Old Colony Lodge A.F. & A.M.

...the oldest child of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts...

From The East

Greetings brethren,

It was recently brought to my attention that my monthly ‘from the east’ almost always 

made mention of the weather or some other climatic reference albeit snow, sunshine, or spring 

showers.  My first response to this judgment was a defensive one; clearly, that individual has no 

idea how challenging a narrative like this presents a writer on a monthly basis.  Timely, 

enthusiastic, and inspiring are not easily done within a two to three paragraph commentary.  

After I recovered from a bruised ego, I remembered we as Masons are lovers of the seven liberal 

arts and sciences; of the seven, geometry may command more attention grammar and rhetoric are 

important nonetheless.  Under that premise, I realized that I have in part become complacent and 

have come to rely on what was easy.  The individual questioning my prose was in fact doing me 

a favor.  At this point I am sure you are wondering; what does this tangent mean Phil? 

As men and Masons we need to challenge ourselves.  We need to deviate from our 

routines and what is easy and look for areas of improvement.  For me, something as simple as 

comprising an original ‘from the east’ is a start.  With that, I challenge all my brothers to identify 

one small thing to improve upon.

Unfortunately I will not be in attendance at our next regular communication due to a 

conflict I have with my pending nuptials.  My soon to be wife found it appropriate to book our 

honeymoon without first consulting my Masonic schedule.  It is my hope that you all can 

understand the predicament that I am in.  Rest assured that you are in good hands, Brother Baxter 

has introduced a twist and I think you all will be pleased with the results.    


Phillip S. Garrett

P.S. - Candidates, candidates, candidates!  At Old Colony we have been fortunate with an influx 

of quality men with a genuine interest in the Craft.  It is the intention of your line of officers to 

begin a new class of candidates in January.  More details to follow… 
Greetings from the East,
            Brothers our first meeting is in the books and I’m happy to say that you made it a complete success. For those who couldn’t make it here’s a quick recap. You unanimously voted to give the Entered Apprentice Degrees to two candidates and we read applications from three more gentlemen who wish to find light with us in Old Colony Lodge.
Stealing a line from Bill Belichick, “we had a good game but l ’m moving on to November”, which will be a busy month including an informal discussion on the Fellow Craft Degree in conjunction with other lodges in the district on November 8th   @ 7 PM in these apartments. In addition to November 8, our usual meeting night will consist of the typical lodge business, report presentations, voting and degree work. Remember our successes can’t happen without you so please join us and R.S.V.P. at your earliest convenience.
        Many Thanks to Wor. Ian Mackenzie for the amazing job that he has done as our membership ambassador. Although Wor. Mackenzie had intended this to be a lifetime appointment; we need new and fresh energy in this position. Remember to congratulate our newest membership Ambassador Brother Bruce Marden at next month’s meeting.
     Please Join me in wishing our own Wor Philip A. Stoddard a very happy birthday. He will be 100 this Nov 29.  Worshipful we all hope your day was very enjoyable and that you have many more birthdays to come.
      Brethren 2018 dues invoices have been sent out and we are off to a Great start.   If you did not receive a dues invoice, you have questions on your invoice or if you are under some unforeseen hardship please do not hesitate to let myself or our Secretary Wor. Marshall W. Bates Jr. know.
My brothers I leave you with these words
“Old Masons never die; but you have to join to find out why”
Wor Vincent L Mood