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This is a construction accounting of the replacement of the front walkway.

 The walkway was made of variable size granite flag stones 1.5 inches thick arranged in an irregular pattern. It would seem that this was most likely the original walkway built when the building was first constructed back in 1928. The condition was poor, several stones were missing and most were creating tripping hazards. All of the brothers agreed the walkway needed to be replaced.

 Several concepts and methods of construction were bantered about the lodge; some estimates were acquired and discussed. Pricing ranged from $2000 just for the bricks and bluestone to $5000.00 for granite slabs. None of this included labor or equipment. There was some talk of the brothers doing the work themselves or even contracting it out to an operative mason. While all of this was going on over a period of several months the summer was slowly slipping away. So a couple of brothers took it upon themselves to start the ball rolling.

 The first thing was to remove the old walkway which was made up of the granite flag stones and six to eight inches of multiple layers of concrete. This was all done by hand, transported to the side yard for hand loading on to a truck and taken away.

After accomplishing this, the real work started.

With the assistance of a small excavator the removal of rubble and gravel to a depth of 2.5 feet brought the total depth to three feet.

 Now they arrived at the base level for the new walkway. At this level all the substrata base required compacting in order to proceed. Again with the assistance of an industrial size vibrating compactor this was accomplished.

 Now it was at this point in the constructions that the installation of the Time Capsule was to occur. A hole was dug four feet by four feet another three feet deeper. A heavy corrugated plastic pipe 24 inches in diameter and 36 inched deep was placed on top of 12 inches of 3/4 inch stone. Another 6 inches of stone was placed inside the pipe.

The next step was to add the rest of the stone to the entire walkway and compact in down to a depth of two feet of ¾ inch stone. This is the base that was used for the best drainage possible. Over twelve tons of stone was used and spread throughout the walkway by hand and then compacted.

In order to prevent the next layer of material from leaching into the bed of stones a cloth membrane was added which allows water to pass thru for drainage.

The Time Capsule needed a cover, so a steal manhole cover was used and secured with a watertight bonding gasket material. The next step was to add six inches of compacted material which is called crusher run. This is made-up of crushed stones and stone dust. When this is compacted, allowed to sit for awhile and rained on then compacted again it sets up like concrete but allows water to pass thru.

Now that the base is done and the Time Capsule container is installed the cement sand can be added as a leveling material to set the bricks on, a long with the interlocking plastic side forms. A preformed concrete ring twenty seven inches in diameter, five inches thick and six inches deep was added to prevent the walkway from being destroyed when the Time Capsule was opened. Then laying the bricks which are S&H water struck bricks made locally.

 A wooden form was placed around the Time Capsule opening to hold the brickwork in place until the Time Capsule is sealed.

The final stage is the placement of a twenty nine inch diameter granite stone engraved with;