Old Colony Lodge A.F. & A.M.

...the oldest child of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts...

Appointed Officers

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. 
 - Bro. Sir Isaac Newton

Chaplain: Wor. C. Alex Peterson 

Marshal: Wor. George Szabo

Senior Deacon: Bro. Erik S. Gudman

Junior Deacon: Wor. Jonah McCall

Senior Steward:

Junior Steward: Bro Michael W. Cobb

Associate Stewards: 

Inside Sentinel: Bro. Bruce Marden ~ Tyler: Jonathan McCallum


Organist: Wor. Richard Smith

Auditor: Bro. Charles J. Costas     Historian: Wor. Ronald E. Lincoln


 MAC Chairman: Wor. C. Alex Peterson

(781) 982-2257

    MyCHIPs/Trowel: Wor. Robert J. Olsson 

 (781) 871-2283

     Blood Drive: Bro. David G Capelle


     GL & Masonic Home: Bro. David Delano

Masonic Ambassadors:

 Bro. Lloyd Cheney

Wor. Ian C. Mackenzie

Wor. Jonah McCall 

Wor. Kenneth R. Morgan

Wor. William J. Peterson 


Bro. Jeff Nutt - 2018

Wor Ronald Lincoln -2019

   Wor. Ian C. MckKenzie - 2019

Wor. Lane Partidge - 2020

Wor. Rober Olson - 2020


Bro. Steven Tower-2018

Wor Phil Garrett - 2018

Bro. Dave Margetts - 2019

Bro. Mathew Hersey - 2009 

 Service Committee

    Bro. Galen Hersey (781) 749-4642

Wor. Ken Morgan (339) 788-0649

               Bro. Brent Olsson is 'pinned' by his proud parents; Wor. & Mrs. Robert Olsson.

Then the tank rolled down the hill!