Old Colony Lodge A.F. & A.M.

...the oldest child of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts...

Most Senior Past Master in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Grand Lodge of Mason’s in Massachusetts.

On the occasion of his 100th birthday, on Tuesday, December 24, 2015, R.W. Joseph C. DeNicola, Deputy Grand Master, presented Worshipful Carlton Nickerson Goff with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mast Worshipful Grand Lodge of Mason’s in Massachusetts on Wor. Goff’s as being the Most Senior Past Master of a Lodge in Massachusetts. Wor. Goff was the Master of Old Colony Lodge in Hingham 70 years ago in 1945 and 1946. Wor. Goff has been a Mason for 76 ears, It was during the war years and the membership left the line to fight the enemies of the day. Nick, as he is called, came to Hingham in 1939 with his young bride and settled into a house in Hingham Centre where is resided for 68 years. Nick now resides at Linden Ponds where he spends his days playing Bridge. Nick worked until he was 85 years of age in Boston, taking the “T” into the city.

The Photo below shows RW Joseph C. DeNicola, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand lodge of Massachusetts and Wor. Phillip S. Garrett, Master of Old Colony Lodge, presenting Wor. Carleton N. Goff with his Certificate of appreciation from the Grand Master of Mason’s in Massachusetts, MW Harvey J. Waugh and off to the right, RW David J. Damstra.

 Wor. Goff is surrounded by a number of past masters of Old Colony Lodge, Wor. Ian C. Mackenzie, Wor. Ronald E. Lincoln, Wor. Robert J. Olsson, RW. David J. Damstra, RW H. Lee Potter and in the front are RW Joseph C. DeNicola, Wor Goff and Wor. Phillip S. Garrett